The Future Ready Graduate: Redesigning Higher Education For Greater Impact


Keynote Speakers

idris jusoh shirley carol color

YB Dato' Seri Idris Bin Jusoh
Minister of Higher Education

Ministry of Higher Education, Malaysia

Prof. Dr. Shirley Alexander
Deputy-Vice Chancellor & Vice-President
(Education & Students)

University of Technology Sydney, Australia


Prof. Dr. Carol Costley
Director, Institute for Work Based Learning
Professor in Work Based Learning

Middlesex University, United Kingdom


What does the future graduate look like?

2017 marks the 10th year of the Taylor’s Teaching and Learning Conference and in recognition of the changing education-employment relationship and what it means to be a future ready graduate, the TTLC2017 will explore the theme: The Future Ready Graduate: Redesigning Higher Education for Greater Impact

The world today is one that has been disrupted by technology. With technology, young graduates have the potential to impact thousands, if not millions of people at once, and thus are able to choose options that may not have been available to graduates in generations past. For example, they may choose to take the leap directly into technopreneurship, by starting an app that meets a current gap (GrabCar/Uber), while others may choose to go into social media entertainment (YouTube), and therefore forgo traditional employment. The future ready graduate with the means may also consider other alternative pathways from traditional employment, in the form of post graduate courses, research or even volunteer work with the knowledge that they can come back to traditional employment when they are ready.

This changing environment has been met by dramatic changes in expectations surrounding how a future ready graduate should behave, what they should know, and what they need to do to be successful. In fact, the pursuit of preparing learners for the future has become increasingly focused upon in the education world today, from Early Childhood Education to Post-Graduate studies.

The TTLC2017 aims to provide a dynamic learning environment to help answer some of these questions and address the potential challenges. The conference will be a place where delegates, both local and international, from public and private institutions, from early childhood and higher education institutions, will be able to discuss and share experiences as well as challenges in the context of developing and designing their curriculum. The TTLC2017 also offers a chance to connect with industry via the keynote and forum sessions, to truly develop a ‘Future Ready Graduate’.


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