Themes & Presentation Types

Theme: The Future Ready Graduate: Redesigning Higher Education For Greater Impact

The TTLC 2017 Committee is pleased to invite you to submit research papers and case studies on topics related to the overarching conference theme of The Future Ready Graduate: Redesigning Higher Education For Greater Impact.


The conference sub-themes are set out below. The committee particularly welcomes papers that challenge current research, policy and practice and is happy for contributors to interpret the themes broadly.

  • Defining the graduate skill set for the future workforce
  • Embedding employability skills into teaching, learning, curriculum and assessment
  • Developing a holistic graduate
  • Work-based Learning
  • Employer engagement and the practice-based curriculum
  • Building effective partnerships and relationships with industry
  • Implementing effective university-wide graduate employability models
  • Promoting entrepreneurialism among learners

Submission Types

Presenters may choose to present their papers during the conference, or virtually (see below for further information).

All submissions should relate to the main conference theme and address one or more of the conference sub-themes above.

Full-refereed paper

Working paper

 Full refereed papers should be completed studies based on qualitative and/or quantitative analytical methods. These papers must demonstrate a thorough understanding and rigorous analysis of current issues in higher education, leading to well-argued conclusions.

All submissions will be :

  • blind peer-reviewed
  • evaluated based on originality, technical and/or research content/depth, correctness, relevance to the conference theme and sub-themes, contribution to knowledge and readability.

Only accepted full-refereed papers will be considered for publication.

Working papers are preliminary scientific, technical papers or intermediate stages of a proposal, which are essentially work in progress or preliminary findings. Working papers permit authors to share ideas about a topic and elicit feedback to allow reflection and further work toward the production of a full-refereed paper in the future.

Please note that presentations accepted in this category are NOT considered refereed papers and will NOT be considered for publication.


Presentation Types

Standard Presentation

Standard presentations are face-to-face, classroom-style presentations.

  1. Standard presentations are scheduled for 30 minutes each. Your presentation should be a maximum of 20 minutes, with the remaining 10 minutes allocated for Q&A. 
  2. Each session will include a projector and Windows laptop running Microsoft PowerPoint. 
  3. Presenters should bring their presentation on a thumbdrive and download the presentation onto the laptop provided prior to the start of their respective sessions.
  4. All sessions will be recorded on our Lecture Capture system and posted on our website once processed.

Virtual Presentation

If you cannot attend the conference but wish to publish your paper and/or gain feedback from your colleagues, you may choose to present virtually: 

1. Submit a video presentation using the following guidelines by 7th August 2017.

  1. The video length should not be more than 20 minutes.
  2. Please see below some sample formats of video presentations. You may choose the style from the sample video:
  3. Important: Kindly state your email address clearly in the presentation so participants can email you if they have queries or feedback for your consideration.

 2. Send us your video presentation and we’ll post it on our TTLC 2017 Website & YouTube channel, allowing you to gain valuable feedback from viewers around the world. Afterwards you will receive a complete conference pack. (Supported video formats: .mov, .mp4, MPEG, AVI)